If you have a question not answered here, please Contact Us and a Lanyon Passkey team member will contact you with an answer.

RegLink is a tool created by Passkey to allow event registration and other systems to link to GroupMAX.  Please visit the Learning pages to understand more of what RegLink can do for you.

How do I get my API User Name and Password?

The RegLink OpenAPI contains working test Partner ID, User Name, and Password that can be used during your development.  All of the samples provided in the document are working already, you simply need to submit them using your application.  Once you have developed your portion of the integration and have completed testing please contact integrations@passkey.com to request production credentials and include details on the event name and meeting planner.  Your final production Partner ID, User Name, and Password will NOT change from event to event.

Note:  When you are developing/testing Callbacks please contact integrations@passkey.com so that we can set that up for testing.  Please include the URL you wish to have GroupMAX post information to.

How do I get listed as an Existing Partner?

The process is very simple, please sign-up on this site.  We will allow you access to the RegLink OpenAPI and work with you on getting listed.  The process goes very quickly.  Get started now and sign-up.  If you have questions you can contact us at:

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My Planner does not want to have “hands on” involvement in the process – what do I do?

Our suggestion is that you get the technical contact information from the planner, email that person and suggest that they sign-up on www.passkeypartners.com to get more information and take a look at the Meeting Planner – Learn About section.  This includes details and suggestions regarding goals they would have for the integration.

I’ve used RegLink in the past so why do I need to register?

We have introduced the new RegLink OpenAPI which supports both new and legacy features.  As a new process moving forward with partners we are requiring that partners register to be listed and to be given access.  The process is very simple, you just have to sign-up on this site and we will be  in touch regarding access and getting listed on the site.

Please take a look at the Learning pages to see all the benefits of RegLink.

Can RegLink be used with an excel-based registration system?

As excel-based registration systems are not automated and are not managed online, they can not be used with RegLink. RegLink connects with an automated online system in order to have the information passed to GroupMAX.

Can RegLink be set up after a group is open?

RegLink can be used at any time during the reservation process, however it works best if set up before the event is open.  If RegLink is set up after the event has started taking reservations, all reservations made previous to this will not be connected via RegLink. This will need to be done manually on the back end in GroupMAX.

Can I use RegLink and have attendees book their housing first?

The basic set up for RegLink is used to pass attendees from registration to housing. However, using the more advanced versions of RegLink, a registration company can allow attendees to book housing first and prefill their information on the registration side.  In order to deliver this solution some advanced planning and development will have to take place which will require time for testing.  Please email support@passkey.com to request a call with one of our integration specialist to review this in detail.

I would like to use RegLink for my next event, where do I start?

You are in the right place.  Please take look at the steps under Quick Start for Meeting Planners or Quick Start for Hotels/CVB.

If you are working directly with a hotel which is licensed for Passkey, there is no cost and all features are included (1-Way and 2-Way).  If you are working with a meeting planner or CVB/Destination, they will need to verify which license they have – either 1-Way or 2-Way.  There is no cost to an event registration or technology partner as long as a customer is involved which has an active event.  If you have specific questions on this please contact support@passkey.com.

Can Passkey connect to my online registration software?

The simple answer is Yes.  Using RegLink and the OpenAPI any registration or technology partner can write a simple integration.  Using one of our established Event Registration partners makes it simple to just turn on, however we have found that most partners can have the integration up fairly quickly.

Is there a demo site I can use to walk my client through the RegLink process?

Yes, we have a demo here on this site.

Passkey Demo Registration Site

This will show a sample registration system we created that links to our demo system.  The method used here was RegExpress.

Where do I get the codes?

The easiest way to get the codes needed by for an event registration partner is to contact passkeysupport@lanyon.com. Provide the event name, dates, and which system you need the codes for and you will receive a reply within 24 hours.

How can I get the API?

Please Sign-up on this site and once approved you will get an email.  After that you can login and see the API.  API documents will not be emailed and are only available online.