For Hotels, CVBs & Meeting Management Companies

What is Event Connector / Lanyon Passkey’s OpenAPI?

Lanyon Passkey’s Event Connector OpenAPI (formally RegLink) provides a powerful and convenient method for integrating the event registration and online housing processes providing attendees with a seamless experience. Key advantages for events integrated using Event Connector include:

  • The ability to pre-populate the attendee’s personal information from the registration site to the Lanyon Passkey Attendee Website.
  • Reports on who registered, who booked a hotel room and who did both
  • Increase booking pace and decrease book-around
  • The ability restrict housing options to specific attendees and prevent unregistered attendees from accessing housing if desired.
  • Send email campaigns to attendees who have registered but have not confirmed a hotel reservation.

Key Benefits for Hotels, CVBs, and Meeting Management Companies

Offering an Event Connector (formally RegLink) solution to your meeting planners creates a win-win situation for everyone. Attendees experience a seamless process from event registration though confirmation of housing, while hotels and venues can ensure pickup inside the block resulting in greater web ratios and lower overall costs.

Lanyon Passkey already connects to all major Event Registration partners on the market, and with our Event Connector OpenAPI integration technology, anyone can connect.

Why is this Important?

Our experience shows that integrating the event registration and housing processes can address some challenges typically encountered, including:

  • Providing a seamless flow from event registration through the confirmation of hotel reservations. With Event Connector, attendees can register for an event and book a hotel reservation without the need to enter their information twice.
  • Acts as a deterrent to booking outside the block. With the integration of the registration and housing processes, attendees will pick up hotel rooms more quickly and within contracted room blocks.
  • Promoting earlier pickup by integrating housing as part of the registration process.
  • Leveraging Event Connector reporting to identify registrants without hotel reservations.
  • Email campaigns targeted to those individuals that have not booked, urging them to stay in the block

Lanyon Passkey already integrates to most major event registration providers, however the Event Connector OpenAPI approach provides the ability for anyone to set up an integration. The amount of time to implement a new integration depends on the number of Event Connector Features desired. To view a list of our existing Event Connector partners, click here.

Sound Complicated?

We really hope it doesn’t, but the Lanyon Passkey team is committed to making the implementation as simple as possible. Just follow a few simple steps to begin:

  1. Check to see if the meeting planner is using a registration system. If so, check the listing of existing Event Connector partners to determine if the registration system being used already supports an Event Connector Integration to Lanyon Passkey. Once found, just follow the steps under Getting Started.
  2. If the registration company/platform is not listed on our certified vendor list, you may encourage the registration or technology partner to visit our site and sign up for our API documentation. Once signed up, a member of the Lanyon Passkey Integrations team will be in direct contact with the registration provider to start the certification process.

How Long Does it Take?

If you are using one of our existing, certified Event Registration partners, the setup can be completed quickly – typically within 1 business day. If the registration provider is new to the process, the time involved is dependent on the scope of the implementation.

Still Have Questions?

Please contact and someone from our team can help with any questions you may have.