For Meeting Planners

What is Event Connector / Lanyon Passkey’s OpenAPI?

Do you have online event/conference registration?

Lanyon Passkey provides functionality which allows registration systems to be fully integrated and delivering the following benefits:

  • Pre-population of the attendee’s personal information from your registration site to Lanyon Passkey’s housing/lodging website
  • Reporting for housing status of registrants – who registered, who reserved a hotel room, and who has done both
  • Ability to sending an e-mail campaigns to attendees who have registered but have not yet reserved a hotel room
  • Increased booking pace and decreased book-around

Lanyon Passkey already connects to most major Event Registration partners on the market, and with our Event Connector integration technology, anyone can connect.

Why is this Important?

Our experience shows that  integrating attendee registration and housing can address some challenges organizations typically encounter, including:

  • Providing a seamless guest experience from event registration to reserving a hotel room and without the need to enter attendee information multiple times
  • discouraging attendees from booking outside the hotel block. With Event Connector, attendees can be automatically directed to reserve housing instead of being provided a web link
  • Promoting earlier pickup by getting attendees to book sooner as a part of the overall registration process
  • Tracking hotel reservation status for attendees. With Event Connector, reporting is possible and provides visibility to which registrants have secured a hotel reservation and which have not
  • Email campaigns targeted to those individuals that have not booked, urging them to stay in the block

Lanyon Passkey already integrates to most of the major event registration providers, however the Event Connector OpenAPI approach allows anyone setup the integration.  The amount of time to set up depends on the scope of the implementation.  Click here to view a list of our existing Event Registration partners.

What is the Cost?

Lanyon’s CityWide customers who license Lanyon Passkey can elect to have this included as an optional module, however 100% of hotel licensees have this feature.

Sound Complicated?

We really hope it doesn’t, but the Lanyon Passkey team  is committed to making the process as simple as possible. If you have a question at any point, you can email and one of our team members can assist you.

How do I get Started?

Contact either the Hotel or Destination hosting your conference and tell them you want Event Connector!  There is a Getting Started guide for Hotels and CVBs/Destinations on this site.  If you are a Lanyon Passkey Licensee, have not licensed RegLink and interested in adding this feature, please contact for more details.

We have a listing of Event Registration partners who are already working with Lanyon Passkey. Using one of these partners will make the integration turnkey. However, if you currently utilize a registration platform which is not listed, please request they visit this site and follow the instructions under “Quick Start for Registration Companies“. This will allow your registration provider to request and download our OpenAPI technical documentation which contains all the necessary information to implement a Event Connector integration to Lanyon Passkey.