Quick Start – Meeting Planner

Event Connector (formally RegLink) is a Lanyon Passkey module that allows any online registration or database system to integrate with the Lanyon Passkey housing system

Primary Benefits:

  • Eliminates the need for attendees to re-key his/her personal information
  • Reduce the number of “book-arounds” by directing the attendee to the proper booking
  • Comparative reports between registration and housing for planners and housing

Lanyon has developed the infrastructure to accept standard information from external systems. All development needed to integrate with Lanyon Passkey is the responsibility of the meeting planner’s registration development organization. Lanyon will provide the registration organization with the documentation to develop Event Connector and provide technical support during the development and testing process.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Meeting Planner – Effectively communicates requirements and expectations related to Event Connector and ensures that the registration company remains on the development schedule agreed upon by all parties.
  • Registration Company – Perform necessary development to the Event Connector Open API per specifications provided by Lanyon while ensuring that all development adheres to the requirements specified by the meeting planner.
  • Organizer/Hotel – Ensures that all operational processes are followed as desired by the meeting planner.
  • Lanyon Account Manager and Technical Team – Ensures the Event Connector integration works as  desired by all parties and works directly with the registration company to provide information  and technical assistance as needed throughout the development and certification process.

Steps for Event Connector Set Up:

Using an established Registration Partner with Lanyon Passkey is the quickest method to integrate the attendee registration process with the Lanyon Passkey housing process. While we provide a basic listing of existing integrations, each registration partner can provide details for their particular integrated solution. If your registration system is not on our list of currently integrated systems, please follow the Steps for a “New Registration Partner Set Up” below. If an existing Registration Partner will be used, simply advise the applicable destination or hotel of your selection and they can start the process to enable the integration within Lanyon Passkey. As an alternative, you may complete the following form to initiate the process.




Once this form is submitted, you should receive an email from Lanyon Passkey Support confirming the setup and providing a set of codes that are needed by the registration partner. Please forward that email to your technical contact at the registration partner company.

Steps for a New Registration Partner Set Up

If you are not using one of the existing partners on this site, the first step is to identify the goals of an integration between the registration system and Lanyon Passkey. This is important for the registration company to understand so they can best decide how to implement the Event Connector feature within their platform. The Event Connector module offers a few levels of integration ranging from very basic to advanced. Generally, the more advanced features of Event Connector require more effort and time to implement when compared to Event Connector’s basic functions. Please review the following integration levels to help guide your registration provider on  your needs and ensure your requirements for a Lanyon Passkey Event Connector integration are met. Existing registration partners may also implement these features at any time. If you’re working with a registartion provider with an existing integration and require additional features, please direct that provider to www.passkeypartners.com for details.

Event Connector Integration Levels:

  • RegExpress: Are you depending on reporting in the registration system or Lanyon Passkey to indicate those guest which have registered/not booked housing? If reporting is not important than tell the partner you want RegExpress, a simple approach that requires minimal development.


  • Event Connector Basic:  If you would like reporting as an option indicate to the partner you want Event Connector Basic.

À la carte Features:

  • Callbacks: Should the registration system expose a link to allow guests to modify reservations or provide reporting in the registration system?  If so, let the registration company know they need to implement this feature which can be used with either RegExpress or Event Connector Basic.
  • Get Reservation:  With Callbacks being supported, the registration partner can retrieve housing reservation information from Lanyon Passkey using a feature called Get Reservation. This can be used to for a wide variety of purposes within the registration platform including, but not limited to: displaying individual housing details, reporting or even joint confirmation functionality.

Keep in mind development is required and only your Registration Company can determine the scope of work and time to implement the solution. We have experienced companies that can complete items in hours while others require longer depending on the scope. Once you have communicated what you are looking to accomplish please have the Registration Company visit this site (www.passkeypartners.com) and sign-up on this site for access to Lanyon Passkey’s Event Connector OpenAPI. Once they have downloaded the API further instructions will be provided along with contact information if questions come up.